Our Team

We bring a broad portfolio of experience, knowledge and skills to your project, allowing us to tailor our work to your specific goals and constraints, using the most appropriate and sound mix of design and  methods.    Read more ...

Our Clients

Lighthouse Evaluation has a history of collaborative relationships, guided by our clients' needs and providing answers to questions key to their growth and success.    Read more ...

Our Vision, Our Commitment

Professional development programs, particularly those that are systemic change efforts, require an evaluation of progress toward meeting goals and achieving sustainability. The best evaluations track your progress and illuminate the best course forward. Lighthouse Evaluation is committed to informing your discussion of what works and why, clarifying desired outcomes, and focusing attention on that which is most critical in support of your goals and objectives -- in short, adding real value. A careful blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis of your evidence, in real time, will position you to adapt your program in ways that support its continued growth and sustainability.

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Our Beliefs about Evaluation

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."  -- Albert Einstein

Our work is grounded in the belief that when you  make the right evaluation decisions, you add  significant value to your project.    Read more ...

Welcome to Lighthouse Evaluation
Lighthouse Evaluation, founded by Bud Meyers, PhD, in 2000, provides critical evaluation and analytical support to projects designed to increase student achievement. Lighthouse Evaluation engages in evaluations for existing projects and collaborates with proposal writing teams to design the most optimal evaluation plans.